2018 HCA Baylor Academy Chess Tournament Results

Congratulations to both our Elementary and Middle School for taking 1st Place team.
Section 100 

Bejamin Walker – 7th grade took the 1st place,
Kavin Ganeshkumar – 5th grade and Mihir Relan – 6th grade tied for 3rd place,
Nethul Perera – 4th grade took 8th place.

Section 200 

Vedant Srinivasan – 4th grade took 2nd place,
Haoran Xu – 2nd grade took  4th place,
Aashay Kawathekar – 6th grade took 7th place.

Section 300 

Siddhartha Rana – 7th grade took 1st place,
Calvin Munsayac – 1st grade took  6th place.

Section 400 

Anjaneya Kar – 7th grade took 5th place,
Siddhanth Relan – 1st grade took 6th place.

Section 500 

Makshym Robochyy – 3rd grade,
Rohan Mahendru – 7th grade tied for 5th place

Section 700 

Charles Yu – 5th grade and Kofi Asare – 6th grade tied for 4th place,
Vignesh Anand – 3rd grade and Shivaang Rana – 4th grade tied for 7th place

Section 800 

Theo Beard – 1st grade took 2nd place,
Harish Anand – kinder, Kaiyan Lin – 1st grade, and Asher Vendivel – 1st grade tied for 6th place