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Chess is a complicated sport, even without the tournaments. This page includes helpful links that can help you learn how to play or improve your game.
Note: These links will direct you to external websites.  T.H. Rogers is not responsible for any external websites.

Learn how to play:

The following sites are designed to teach kids the rules of chess (how the pieces move, check, checkmate, etc.).   Many of these sites also include basic strategies and tactics.

chessKIDS academy
Chess Corner

Learn basic endgames, tactics, and strategies:

For those who already know the basic rules of chess, learning basic tactics and strategies is another fundamental step in improving your chess.

chessKIDS academy
Chess Tactics Explained
Chess Visualization Training

For intermediate to advanced players:

The following sites teach more advanced tactical motifs or strategies. Some include a reference of openings and more advanced endgames.

ChessOps – A guide to Chess Openings
Chess Magnet School

Even more to explore:

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