Chess AfterSchool Classes and Tournament

We offer afterschool classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

  • Tuesday: In-house mock Tournament
    Students are grouped in sections appropriate to their ability, and play one round per week.  At the end of every 5 weeks, trophies are presented to the winners.
  • Wednesday: Lesson
    Beginner and intermediate lessons are offered for Kinder to 4th grade students.  Students are divided into groups based on their skill level and assigned a coach for the entire semester.
  • Friday: Lesson
    Beginner, intermediate and advance classes are offered for 5th to 8th grade students and for advance elementary students. Students are divided into groups based on their skill level and assigned a coach for the entire semester.

  • If you need financial assistance, please contact us at the TH Rogers Chess Club.
  • If your child has any special needs or will need special accommodations, please contact us prior to starting the registration process.
  • Note: Your child will not be enrolled in any class until we received full payment.  


  • make checks payable to: T.H. Rogers Chess Club;
  • note your child(ren)’s name(s) on checks;
  • drop off payment at Rogers front office or mail to:
    T. H. Rogers Chess Club
    5840 San Felipe
    Houston, TX 77057

            Other Terms, Conditions, Policy and Procedures

  • COMMITMENT: The students will 1) get or keep their USCF membership current, 2) play a minimum of 2 tournaments per semester, 3) do a minimum of 30 minutes of chess homework per week.  Students will not participate in chess tournaments if they are failing a grade.
  • H.I.S.D, TH Rogers, Volunteers and Coaches are not responsible for any injury occurring as result of regular class participation.
  • NO AFTER CLASS SUPERVISION: Please pick up your child on time which is 4:20pm. We do not provide aftercare for late pick up. If you want to pay for after care, please contact John Dixon who is in charge of aftercare.
  • CONDUCT/DISCIPLINE: In order to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to teach Enrichment classes, students must exhibit appropriate behavior.  Children enrolled in Chess classes are expected to follow the HISD Code of Conduct required at Rogers.  Children who fail to conduct themselves according to this standard will be given a warning and their parents will be notified of their misconduct.  Continued misconduct will result in notification to Rogers’s administrators and/or suspension from the Chess Program.  Children suspended from the chess program for misconduct will not be entitled to a refund of any tuition, fees, or registration paid.
  • NOTIFICATION:  It is important that you notify the school office and chess club in writing or via e-mail if your child will be absent for chess.
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Permission to T.H. Rogers’s chess program to use or publish any pictures or other media on which the student appears. Publications might include, but not limited to the clubs website & twitter, school, newspapers or other HISD publications.