In chess as in life, how you act is more important than whether you win or lose.  Here are some things you need to do in order to be a good sport when playing chess.

Be a good winner: Don’t brag or make fun of your opponent.  Thank them for the game.

Be a good loser: Congratulate your opponent for winning.  Don’t say that you should have won.  Don’t cry.

Be friendly: Talk to your opponent while waiting for play to start.

Be polite: Shake hands right before starting your game.

Do not bother people: Captured pieces should be put aside; do not play with them.  Do not twirl your pen or pencil.  Do not eat food at the table.  Do not talk or make any noises while playing.  After your game ends, do not analyze it where people are still playing.

Be quiet during an announcement: Give others a chance to hear what is being said.

Play by the rules: Being fair is more important than winning.  A chess player is required to play without any outside help.  You may not give or get help.  During a tournament match, do not speak to anyone on your team, either at the table or away from the board.  Do not read anything about chess, even away from the table.  Do not even look like you might be breaking any rules.  Make sure everyone knows you are an honest person.

Make chess fun: Chess is more fun when everyone is a good sport.  Do your share.